Spinach Reduces Unhealthy Food Cravings

Spinach Reduces Unhealthy Food CravingsToday, a lot of people are struggling with the problem of hedonic hunger. This form of hunger is more about eating for pleasure than to satisfy a need. When people suffer from hedonic hunger, they are unable to maintain their body’s balance and therefore put on weight. Mostly, people crave for sweets or fast food and this kind of urge is more like an addiction.

The good news is that a number of studies conducted on the benefits of spinach for the body have found that this green leafy vegetable contains a compound which can help curb cravings. It can help reset the body and resist food temptations that are a result of hedonic hunger.

People who have unhealthy eating habits often struggle to shed extra pounds. This is the reason they must learn how spinach can reduce unhealthy food cravings so they can keep their weight in check.

Weight loss with thylakoids

The green leaf membranes are known as thylakoids and when these are extracted from spinach, they can promote weight loss by up to 43%. Thylakoids can make a person feel full quickly by repressing hunger. Individuals who are looking to lose weight can also drink a glass of spinach juice before breakfast to reduce unhealthy food cravings. It will also help them feel more satisfied during the day.

To demonstrate the benefits of thylakoids, a study was conducted on overweight women. Those who ingested five grams of thylakoids before breakfast every morning were able to lose about 5 kg. Women who were in the control group were given a placebo and they were able to lose only 3.5kg. All the women ate 3 meals a day and followed a balanced diet. After the experiment, it could be concluded that those who ingested thylakoid were able to lose more weight than women who did not ingest thylakoid.

Proper digestion with thylakoids

A balanced diet that consists of thylakoids can help in proper digestion of food as well. According to a team of researchers, thylakoids slow down the digestion process and give the intestinal hormones enough time to signal the brain that the body is satisfied. The time that it takes to digest the food can be utilized extremely well to release the hormone that is needed to trick the brain into thinking that it has had enough food. Experts say that there is nothing wrong with the digestive system. The only thing wrong is with the type of modern food we tend to eat these days. The green leaf membranes extend digestion and produce a feeling of satiety. Basically, this implies that we can do well without the unnecessary foods and snacks that our bodies were not meant for.

What you can do?

You can get the desired effect by eating about a pound (half kg) of spinach everyday.  But when the green leaf membrane is isolated, then you only need to ingest about 5 grams a day. Thylakoids work best to suppress unhealthy food cravings when it coincides with the ingestion of fats. This is the reason it is essential to incorporate thylakoids into a complete meal.