Simple Beauty Ritual to Improve Self-Esteem and Love Life

Simple Beauty Ritual to Improve Self-Esteem and Love LifeDo you practice any sort of ritual that makes you feel good or brings you luck? Taking a Sunday-night bubble bath, crossing your fingers, tapping your cheeks before going out or spraying on certain perfume before a date or a meeting? There is definitely something to it.

According to a recent study conducted by Revlon and Fordham University, a woman’s daily beauty ritual can make her feel good and confident about herself and also can improve her love life.

“Rituals can be powerful – performing them can actually change the way you feel,” said Tracy Rohrbaugh, Marketing Vice President at Revlon. “Taking the time each day to appreciate yourself, especially what makes you unique, is a simple but effective way to create positive energy. This daily ritual can manifest more kindness, more affection, more flirting, and more love. Initiating this virtuous cycle helps the doer to both give and receive more love.”

If you want to see positive impact on your self-esteem and your love life do these 7 simple steps for a minimum of four days: Read more

Laughter and Its Health Benefits

Laughter Health BenefitsEver laughed till you cannot bear the laughter anymore? This normally happens when you laugh to the extent that you feel some kind of exhaustion. At times you may even try to stay away from the person or object making you to laugh since you are really tired. Certainly, a good laughter will make you feel as though you have been working out in the gym.

Chances are that you never knew that exercise and laughter offer similar benefits to your health. Laughter can be of importance in ensuring that your immune system is boosted. This is the same effect that you get after working out for 2 hours in the gym. This means that laughter and exercise certify that an individual lives and active lifestyle full of joy. Read more