Why Eating Out Makes You Fat and Unhealthy

Why Eating Out Makes You Fat and UnhealthyEating out in a restaurant is not only convenient, but you also get to enjoy the company of those with you. Restaurant food is delicious, saves you time and energy and you also get to have great time with your family and friends. Eating out once in a while is good for you to free yourself from that hectic schedule of yours, but it is important that you don’t make a habit of eating out. Eating out regularly can be bad for your health. It can make you fat and unhealthy. There are a number of tricks that restaurants use to serve you really tasty but unhealthy food. Here’s a look at some of the ingredients or ‘tricks’ that can make you fat and unhealthy when you eat out regularly.


Restaurant food is amazingly good and one of the main reasons for this is the amount of butter present in the food. Whether it is the sauce, the meat, the veggies or the soup, butter is one of the tricks that restaurants use to make their food rich and tasty. Using butter is an easy way to make the food taste really good and some of these restaurants make use of loads of it and mind you that is pure saturated fat you are consuming. It is even worse for your health when restaurants substitute butter with margarine. Read more