5 Unhealthy Foods That Are Actually Healthy For You

Unhealthy Foods Actually HealthyA well known saying goes like “you are what you eat”. What this message is trying to tell you is that if you eat healthy food, you will be healthy and if you choose unhealthy food, you will not be so healthy. When it comes to food, people like you and I have so many options. Right from childhood, we have been warned about foods that are not healthy for us and must be avoided as much as possible. There are some foods that experts say is bad for health. But, were these experts always right? Now it seems like they weren’t.

There are some foods that have gotten bad reputation over the years, but these foods are not as unhealthy as you think they are. Here, we list down 5 unhealthy foods that are actually healthy for you.

Dark Chocolate

Once regarded as one of the unhealthiest food on Earth, dark chocolate has its benefits too. Dark chocolate contains antioxidants and disease fighting flavenoids in hefty amounts. In addition, they are high in magnesium which reduces water retention and prevents mood swings in women. Eating dark chocolate during the time of the month also releases endorphins which reduce anxiety. Some studies have found that they can help lower cholesterol levels in the body and improve blood flow to help prevent heart diseases. Read more