10 Effortless Overnight Beauty Tips

Effortless Overnight Beauty TipsSome women don’t have the time to pamper themselves like they used to do when they were younger. The reason could be kids, family, work, etc. But being busy doesn’t mean that your looks have to suffer. You can still look beautiful and young with these 10 effortless overnight beauty tips.

1. Soft feet

Before you get into bed, use warm olive oil or Vaseline to massage your feet. Put on your socks to get rid of rough feet. When you wake up in the morning, you will have soft and smooth feet.

2. Treat pimples

It is possible to treat acne and blemishes when you sleep. All you need to do is apply tea tree oil on the affected area and go to sleep. In the morning, it will disappear or diminish.

3. Use a silk pillow cover

Sleeping on silk is not only about getting a luxury experience, but it can also have benefits for your skin and hair. Sleeping on silk pillow covers can help you reduce split ends and damage to your hair. In addition, it will prevent creasing on your face and keep you looking fresh after you wake up.

4. Sleep right

The right sleeping position can help you eliminate those facial lines. If you are used to sleeping on your stomach or your side, then you must consider trying sleeping on your back. This will help you prevent facial lines and under eye bags as well. If you continue to sleep in the wrong position every night, the damage caused to your face can become permanent.

5. Moisturized lips

Before you get into bed, form a habit of exfoliating your lips. After this, you can apply lip balm or olive oil on your lips. If you do this everyday, you will be able to get rid of chapped lips forever.

6. Plumper skin

Those who live in a dry climate can benefit a lot by sleeping with the humidifier running. If you turn on the humidifier and keep it running all night, it will add moisture to the air and keep your skin feeling fresh.

7. Eye care

Before you go to bed, apply some cool eye cream. You can store the cream in the fridge and use it straight from there. The cooling effect will soothe your eyes and prevent dark circles from forming. You can also apply some almond oil or avocado oil under your eyes before you get into bed.

8. Split ends

You can easily treat split ends with aloe vera gel. Applying the gel to the ends of the hair and keeping it overnight will condition and nourish your hair.

9. Nail care

You can strengthen your nails by applying shea butter or coconut oil. These two household ingredients will soften the cuticles and moisturize them.

10. Moisturize skin

Cleanse your skin and exfoliate for deep cleaning effect. Before you hit the bed, apply a good moisturizer to rejuvenate your skin. You can also use coconut oil or any oil that contains Vitamin E under your night cream to get a radiant glow when you wake up.