10 Lazy Ways to Lose Weight

10 Lazy Ways to Lose WeightWeight loss is not easy. “Unless you hit the gym, sweat or starve yourself, you are not going to lose a pound.” This is what we believe or rather what the fitness industry wants us to believe. But the truth is that if you have a weight loss goal, achieving it doesn’t have to be difficult. Even for the laziest people on earth, there are tips and tricks that can help them shed the extra pounds. Let’s take a look at the top ten lazy ways to lose weight.

1. Drink water before every meal

Water contains no calories but your food does. So drinking one or two glasses of water before you start your meal will make you feel fuller instantly. This will prevent you from overeating and it will also keep you hydrated.

2. Make some changes in your diet

Making little changes to your diet can help you cut down on calories. For example, if you are having salad for lunch, opt for a healthy dressing instead of those that will turn your salad into fat bombs. Stay clear of ridiculously unhealthy dressings like Creamy Caesar, Buttermilk Ranch Dressing, Creamy Italian Garlic Dressing and others. Going for fresh fruits instead of dried fruits can also save you some calories.

3. Control your portion size

If you are planning to lose weight, you must control your portion size at every meal. Do not eat snacks from the bag and stop only when you feel like eating no more. Measure your snacks and foods beforehand so you know how much you are supposed to eat. Use small plates during mealtimes so you are in control of how much you eat.

4. Move your body

You don’t have to dedicate one or two hours for the gym or workout vigorously to be able to lose weight. But you can burn few extra calories each day by moving your body and making that extra effort. You can burn more calories by taking the stairs instead of the elevator, taking a short walk in the park, parking your car at a distance from the supermarket so you can walk a bit and so on.

5. Avoid drinking your calories

Most people don’t realize that the main reason they are not able to lose weight is because they consume too many calories from their drinks. Wine during dinner, tea and coffee after lunch and soda that you drink at every break packs up a lot of calories that is hard to get rid of. Instead of opting for drinks that contains high amounts of calories, go for flavored water or natural fruit juices with no added sugars.

6. Eat at regular intervals

Starving yourself to achieve your weight loss goal is a bad idea because it can make you crave for unhealthy foods like chocolates and cheese cakes. Therefore, it is essential that you eat at regular intervals and prevent your blood sugar levels from going down.

7. Consume more high fiber and high protein foods

Snacking is not all that bad if you stick to health alternatives. For example, instead of crackers and chips, you can go for fresh fruits and nuts. High fiber and high protein foods will make you feel full quickly and it will also help you eat fewer calories.

8. Have dinner early

Eating early in the evening will help you sleep better. It will also help prevent digestion problems and allow you to stick to a healthy eating routine.

9. Write stuff down

Keep a journal to note down your progress. Write down what you are having for breakfast, lunch and dinner, what kind of activities you are doing and whether you are seeing any difference. This will help you become more aware of what you are eating and how much control you need to be able to see results.

10. Get more sleep

If you don’t sleep enough, you will feel lethargic all day which will prevent you from working out and taking the steps necessary to achieve your weight loss goals. A number of studies have suggested that lack of sleep can result in you consuming high calorie foods.