6 Simple Ways To Get Addicted To Exercise

6 Simple Ways To Get Addicted To ExerciseWhen people start exercising, they start off with too many expectations. Will I be able to do it? Will I achieve what I want? What will happen if I fail? Can I stick to an exercise routine?

Exercising for at least 30 minutes a day may sound simple enough, but it is actually not. This is the reason there are many people who want to exercise, but they don’t do it. On the other hand, there are also many people who work out religiously on a regular basis. They don’t look at exercise as a task that must be done to lead a healthy life. In fact, they love exercise. So where do these people get the motivation to exercise? Here are 6 simple ways you can get addicted to exercise.

1. Enjoy your exercise and make it fun

When you engage in physical activities that are fun, it will soon turn into a hobby rather than a calorie burning task. When it comes to workout, different people are comfortable with different levels of intensity. This is the reason you must look for activities that are appropriate for you so you enjoy them. This could be anything like jogging, cycling, aerobic exercise, weight lifting and others. Dancing is also one of the best workouts that you can enjoy.

2. Exercise daily

Missing out more than two days on exercise will make space for resistance. This is the reason you must exercise daily even it is for 15 minutes. Resistance is when you don’t feel like exercising. For example if you exercise for a week and then tell yourself that you are tired today and maybe you could skip exercise for the day, then it is likely that you will lose the motivation. The next day, you may give yourself another reason not to exercise. Then the following day another reason and this will continue to happen until you become a couch potato again. So basically, if you put off exercising for long, you will feed resistance. But when you exercise daily, it will become a habit and when it is time for you to exercise, you will not give yourself a reason, but will tell yourself that you have to get moving.

3. Get gym membership

Whenever money is involved, it is human nature to make the most out of it. So committing to a long term membership at the gym will tell you that you have spent money and you have to get what you paid for. It can be quite motivating to see your goals written so once you have signed up to a contract, frame it and look at it every day.

4. Take small steps

Having too many expectations right at the beginning is not going to take you anywhere. Whenever you start out, you must take small steps so you are not disheartened and you also don’t put yourself at a risk of injuries. Start with less intense workouts and don’t push yourself. If you start out right, you will see results.

5. Exercise with a friend

One of the proven methods to get addicted to exercise is exercising with a friend. When you exercise with a friend, you will get more motivation and encouragement. You will know you can’t make excuses because there is someone who is waiting for you.

6. Exercise in the morning

One of the main reasons people have for not exercising is that they don’t have enough time. So why not jump out of the bed, get into your fitness gear and start your workout routine the moment your alarm clock goes on. Exercising in the morning has its benefits. It speeds up your metabolism, sharpens your focus and boosts your mood so you feel fresh and good all day. Once you start seeing the benefits of morning workouts, it won’t take you long to become an exercise addict.