7 Things To Know About Exercising During Your Period

Exercising During PeriodWhen it is that time of the month, many women tend to ditch the gym. Instead, they prefer staying at home, making themselves comfortable on the couch and munching on chocolate. This is a valid option because many women don’t feel like working out during this difficult time. But they don’t realize that working out during their period doesn’t have to be difficult at all. There are numerous things that can be done to make exercising easier and lighter. In fact, if you work out during your period, you get some added benefits as well. We have compiled a list of some interesting things that you must know about exercising during your period. Let’s take a look.

Helps ease period symptoms

Working out may be the last thing on your mind when you are having your period, but if you work out, you can find relief from the irritating symptoms easily. The more active you are during your period, the better you will feel. Basically, there will be less pain, less cramping and the flow will not be heavy.

Reduce bloating

When you workout, you lose water in the form of sweat and this helps prevent bloating. In addition, your body releases endorphins which will make you feel better naturally.

Stay cool

When it is that time of the month, you already have a slightly lower body temperature meaning that working out will lessen the risk of overheating. Because you can keep cool for longer, you can work out even more and withstand warmer temperatures. It may seem strange to many, but your physical performance can actually increase during your period.

Best time to do HIIT

One of the best workouts that you can do during your period (if you feel comfortable) is HIIT or high intensity interval training. This is because during this time your progesterone and estrogen levels drop and you can get energy from carbohydrates. Usually, estrogen makes your body rely on fat, but when you have easier access to energy from carbs, than you can perform more intense workouts and maximize your efforts.

Morning work out is best

It is always said that morning is the best time to work out. This is also especially true when you are having your period. When you exercise first thing in the morning, you can get relief from cramps and pain which means you can prevent them during the day as well. Morning workouts will help you stay fresh and active all day long.

Give your body time to repair

When you are done with your workout, you must feed your body with the right kind of foods and supplements. There are certain types of foods that are highly recommended to relieve pain, cramps, constipation and bloating. This includes fresh fruits, vegetables, good sources of omega 3 fatty acids such as fish and flax seeds. Drinking plenty of water is also important to keep the body hydrated.

Go easy

It is important to learn how to deal with your period. So don’t do things that you are not comfortable with. There are many things you can do to stay active and these does not have to be hard core exercises. Even simple things like walking around, light gardening, gentle yoga poses, easy stretches or even dancing can help make your periods less painful and less intense.