Why Breakfast Eaters Are More Active and Slimmer?

Breakfast Eaters More Active and SlimmerOften you have heard people mention that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, some might disregard this and conclude that the late night meal is most important or rather have a perception that lunch is more important. Certainly, breakfast is most important and this article argues this idea out.

Just like a car would require fuel to function, so does the body needs food to function perfectly. Think about this ‘break-fast’. The main reason why an early meal is termed as breakfast is simply because it breaks the fasting that you have been going through all night long as you sleep.

Medics argue that a meal taken in the morning is very important since it increases the body’s metabolic rate (the process of burning down calories present in the body system). Once breakfast is taken it initiates the first gear in the body to burn down the calories and would continue doing this throughout the day.

Simply said, if this meal is skipped then the body would remain dormant and no metabolism would take place. This is because the body would rather try to retain the little nutrients that you have from the meal that you took last night. Therefore, the next meal that you take would also be considered as a source of nutrients rather than being burnt down to give you energy. This means that your metabolism rate would be slowed down.

Skipping breakfast has got an effect of lowering the sugar levels in the body. Consequently, hunger inflicts you and you will also lack energy. This will give you the feeling of eating sweets and foods that are of high fat content. Additionally, chances are that you might eat a lot during lunch or evening meals. Studies have proven that individuals that eat breakfast reduce their chances of overeating on their next meals during the day. Furthermore, they feel refreshed and satisfied till the day ends.

If you thought that skipping breakfast would help in weight loss, you better reconsider. Research has proven that skipping breakfast makes it even harder to lose weight. Also, gaining weight is also a big challenge to those that have goals to add more weight. In terms of losing weight, those skipping breakfast would tend to eat a lot on their next meals and also opt for foods high in calorie content. This would only prevent them from feeling hungry but eventually becomes a problem health wise.

There are numerous reasons as to why breakfast is considered as the most essential meal. First, individuals that take breakfast are known to live healthier lifestyles as compared to those that skip. Those that ensure they take something in the morning also tend to eat frequently throughout the day which in turn ensures that their blood glucose levels are kept stable. Besides, kids known to take breakfast perform better in class due to the concentration ability they gain. Breakfast undoubtedly affects the way people perform throughout the day and in the long term affects food choices.