Healthy vs Unhealthy Soups

Healthy vs Unhealthy SoupsYou granny was right after all. The soup is one of the best foods you can get. Let’s face it, soup is delicious, healthy, it makes you feel full, and can help you when having a cold. Soups are high in nutrients and low in fat and calories what makes them a great meal addition. They are the perfect food for weight loss as well.

Anyway, these days with so many varieties and packing types of soups, it is quite hard to distinguish the healthy soups form the once that are not (so) healthy. Although canned soups claim that they are the healthiest, they contain ingredients that make them unhealthy for one or more reasons. If you want to eat clean, have fitness goals or if you are on a weight loss plan, it is important for you to avoid the unhealthy varieties and only choose those which offer health benefits. Let’s take a look at healthy and unhealthy soups so you know which ones to avoid.

Homemade Soup (Healthy Choice)

A pot of homemade soup is a great alternative to a full dinner. It may take some time for you to make your own soup at home, but you must keep in mind that it gives you control over the ingredients you add and the method of cooking you choose. When compared to canned soup, homemade soup is healthier and cheaper too and if you cook a large batch, you can easily freeze them to be eaten later. When you cook soup at home, you can make them healthier by adding more fiber and skipping the salt. Read more

Foods That You Must Avoid At All Costs

Avoid White RiceClean eating is the idea of eating only foods that are rich in nutrients e.g. veggies, fruits and meat that goes through minimal processing. It is worth noting that processed food contains several chemicals to ensure that they do not rot. These additives only damage your health and the environment. The following are some of the foods that you should avoid whenever possible:

White bread
Most people consider white bread to be the first meal of the day since it is the sweetest bread that you can find. Well, have you considered the amount of sugar that this bread contains? Sugar content in white bread is not healthy to your body. In addition to this, it only gives your body the impression that you are satisfied. After some hours you will be hungry for more food again. Eventually, weight gain will be the resultant effect of eating white bread for a long time.

Fried foods
Fried foods are the next categories of foods that you ought to avoid at all cost. Yes they are sweet but they do not add anything to the body. They do more harm than good. For example, they are associated with HBP (high blood pressure) and high cholesterol. These two contributions are the leading causes of heart attacks and strokes. Additionally, the digestive system is normally upset when fried foods are taken in. Read more