Best Exercises to do in the Morning to Stay Fresh all Day Long

Best Exercises to do in the MorningYou served your nutritional-rich breakfast, drank your delicious shake or coffee, but you still encounter fatigue. You feel that you aren’t in your maximum form to begin a new day and go fresh to the office. Where could you go wrong? If you want to fight morning fatigue and stay fresh all day long, you need gentle exercises and the best workout schedule to start your day with. Be sure that from now on, you will feel energized and fresh all day long and you will also be able to fulfill your daily tasks and responsibilities. Read the following lines to become familiar with the best morning exercises for staying fresh throughout the day and to find out how much of these exercises are recommended to do.

The strong relationship between exercising and energy
A lot of people believe that workout makes them feel fatigue, but the secret is that morning fatigue can be easily beaten with more and frequent exercising. The morning workout actually has the main role in generating energy for the body. If you choose to start your day with physical activity on a daily basis, you will help your body to easily wake up and get the necessary freshness and energy that you need for a harsh business day. However, it is important to keep in mind that you need to exercise without getting tired. Remember, this is gentle morning workout, not an afternoon hard exercising program at the gym! You need to use your force and energy for the rest of the day, so you shouldn’t get yourself exhausted with these morning exercises.

Having all these facts in mind, it is time to choose the right exercises, depending on your schedule and preferences.

When your job is flexible or you can get up earlier…

If can go to the office when you want and you can take your time for your morning workout, or if you are simply an early bird, you have two possibilities:

1. Take 25 minutes of walk for cardiovascular health and breathe in some fresh air. This will efficiently improve your blood circulation but will also provide oxygen for your body. You can also run for 20 minutes in a moderate pace and than take a quick shower.

2. Another option is take 45 to 60 minutes workout at the gym if you have time to do it in the morning, but be careful to do only moderate exercises. Avoid lifting too heavy weights or doing exercises that require too much effort.

If you don`t have too much time for morning workout…

..the above mentioned two solutions are not for you. However, there is no need to lose your hope because there are several great and gentle morning exercises that you can do by using the corner of your bed:

Contracting and expanding chest: sit straight on the edge of your bed. Take a deep breath, and when you exhale, curve your shoulders and spine as much as you can. Repeat this movement several times.


Expanding Chest

Side stretching: sit on your bed with upright spine. Extend your arms over your head and stretch them sideways. Do this exercise several times.


Side stretching

Spine rotation by seating: sit straight on the edge of your bed and extend your arms at the level of your chest. Press your palms together. When you open your arms, turn sideways.


Spine rotation

Plank hold: place your palms on your bed and support your weight on your arms. Lower your hips until your body gets into a diagonal line between your heels and head. Stay in this pose for 6 deep breaths.



All of these 4 types of gentle exercises will not take you more than 10 minutes a morning! Give for yourself the chance to stay fresh all day long and do your job without any issues!