Fascinating Benefits of Radish for Skin, Hair and Health

 Fascinating Benefits of Radish for Skin, Hair and HealthRadishes are an edible root vegetable which comes from the same family as cabbages, kale and broccoli. The vegetable can be eaten raw and it can also be cooked. Many people soak them in cold water to retain the crunchiness and freshness of the vegetable. Radishes are eaten all around the world and since they grow very fast, they are widely available and are highly affordable. But although it is a common vegetable, it is one of the most ignored as well.

Most people don’t realize the benefits radishes have to offer. Apart from the satisfying crunch and natural zing they offer, radishes also provide benefits for skin, hair and health and this is the reason, it is essential to make them a part of your diet. Given below are some of the fascinating benefits of eating radish.

Promotes healthy skin

Radish has cleansing properties as well and you can even apply the juice of raw radish on your skin to get younger looking skin. Since radish is a rich source of antioxidants and Vitamin C, it can prevent skin damage from free radicals as well.

Prevents hair fall

A number of studies suggest that black radish can be good for hair growth. Radishes contain vitamins which can prevent hair fall and promote growth to give long and shiny hair. Radishes can be squeezed to make hair tonic or hair mask. Drinking radish juice can help make your hair stronger and longer.

Promotes weight loss

Radishes are surprisingly filling vegetables and they are low in calories as well. The lack of calories makes them one of the best vegetables for weight loss. Radishes are mainly composed of water and fiber and whether you eat them raw or cooked, you can benefit from the nutrients contained in this vegetable and cut back on fats, carbs and sugars.

Help fight cancer

According to a number of studies, radishes can kill cancer cells by inducing apoptosis. The two compounds, anthocyanins and isothiocyanates found abundantly in radishes have been proven to fight against cancer. The vegetable is also rich in fiber which can help prevent colorectal cancer.

Promotes healthy heart

Radishes are a good source of vitamins, minerals and fiber and including them in your diet means making a smart choice for the maintenance of cardiovascular health. Studies have shown that radishes can help regulate blood pressure, lower cholesterol, maintain blood sugar levels and manage diabetes.

Digestion and detoxification

For your gall bladder and liver to function smoothly, it is essential that they get a constant supply of bile and radish is a vegetable that can stimulate production of bile. Radishes also have sulfuric properties which can regulate bilirubin production in the body. The fiber content of the vegetable regulates bowel movement and flushes out toxins from the body.

Keeps you hydrated

Radishes have high water content and since it is also rich in Vitamin C, zinc and phosphorous, it can nourish tissues and keep the body hydrated. When the body is hydrated, the skin feels smooth and looks healthy.