The Wondrous Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

Benefits of Pumpkin SeedsThe first thing that comes to mind when pumpkin is mentioned is just Halloween. Pumpkin is popular during Halloween seasons since they are used to make Jack o lanterns, sweet soup and even pies that can be shared among friends and families. Most people store pumpkin seeds so that they can use them later to grow other pumpkins. Well, this is a good thing to do but have you considered the benefits that these seeds have to the body? Below are some of the benefits of pumpkin seeds to the body:

Solution to heart problems
Pumpkin has got substantial amount of magnesium which is very essential to the body’s physiological growth. This is inclusive of the heart’s proper functioning, bone formation, DNA synthesis, bowel function and tooth formation. Furthermore, it is worth pointing out that magnesium is a vital relaxation substance in the body.
¼ serving of magnesium carries approximately ½ the recommended amount of magnesium that a human being should take in. this magnesium carries out several physiological functions including: RNA and DNA synthesis, ATP (adenosine triphosphate) creation and the mere function of relaxing the blood vessels as earlier mentioned.

Medical experts argue that magnesium is quite important in regulation of blood pressure and prevention of unexpected cardiac arrests, strokes, heart attacks etc. This should definitely ring a bell on the importance of this mineral to the body.

Stimulating the immune system
Zinc is another important mineral that is important in the body. This mineral boosts the body’s immune system, helps in cell growth, induces sleep and enhances several senses in the body. Men also benefit from this mineral since it boosts their sexual functioning. One thing that should be made clear is the fact that this mineral is also present in pumpkin seeds. Therefore, if you were thinking of throwing those seeds into your home backyard, you better think of the health benefits you are throwing away.

Rich in Omega-3
Omega-3 can also be obtained from eating pumpkin seeds. The Omega-3s present in the pumpkin seeds are from the ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) type. These acids have to be transformed by the body to form DHA and EPA which are omega 3 fatty acids that are more essential to the body.

Prostate Healthiness
Men should no longer worry about their prostrate health if they consume pumpkin seeds on a regular basis. As mentioned earlier, pumpkins offer zinc minerals to the body which also helps in maintain prostrate health. In addition to this, extracts from pumpkin seeds are used in the treatments of BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia).

Prevention of diabetes
Pumpkin seeds are also unique in their own way considering the fact that they function as insulin regulators in the body. This implies that it generally prevents diabetes in the body system.

Liver and heart health
Healthy fats present in pumpkin seeds are of great benefit in ensuring that the liver and heart are functioning properly. There are also other fibers and antioxidants present in these seeds. All these make certain that these two body organs are healthy.